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2017: The move from Banbury to Wroxton has been a significant under-taking. Naturally the Web site is being updated.

2015: We did a lot of updates and launched a FaceBook site for Archive Centre Friends.

2010: The Web site underwent a major update in May 2010 to reflect the Archive's new location in Banbury. Further changes took place in Nov'2010 with an improved appearance, more pictures and the new Friend's Portal. Now replaced by FaceBook site.

Please note the Web address of the Centre was changed in 2009 because we were unable to renew the ".com" address. Please use

Recent pictures show our activities over 2007 to Autumn of 2010. In 2009 we re-vamped the "Shop" pages, and introduced a lot more information and photos to the "Catalogue" page. Many thanks to those who have contributed both time and information. We are now planning a "Rootes" area for studies of the family and their extended business connections.

Previously, the Catalogue received a lot of attention. The aim is to list most (all would be ambitious) of the models produced by companies contributing to the Rootes group. This can be used for various purposes, including links to the Archive material. Many thanks to people who have contributed photographs of their cars to help identify the various Rootes models.

The "Index" now shows an almost complete list of Imp related material housed at the Archive Centre and elsewhere. A list of "standard" parts is now included. This area will be updated as the cataloguing process continues.

We hope that others from ARCC member clubs will put in the effort to extend these lists for all the other marques. To begin this task Kimberley Benoy has provided a set of guidelines for the cataloguing process and James Spencer and Matt Olllman have coordinated work parties. Please see the preservation pages for information on how you can participate.

For comments on, and contributions to the Web site, contact Bob Allan (e-mail).

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