Exhibitions and Artefacts

Collection Catalogue

We list below some of the computer artefacts we have in the collection which are available for open days and other exhibitions. This provides quick links to descriptions in the rest of the Web site.

This catalogue is now on a separate Web page here.

There is a related page for the Atlas Archive and Collection.


Exhibitions we have presented so far include the following.

  1. Institute of Physics meeting, 14/11/2007
  2. BA Science mini-festival, 8/10/2006
  3. Daresbury Open Day, 14/9/2008
  4. Daresbury Open Day, 5/10/2008
  5. BA Science mini-festival 4/10/2009
  6. BA Science mini-festival 30/9/2012
  7. Atlas 50 Anniversary, Manchester, 3-6/20/2012. Slideshow [PDF].
  8. Internal Meeting, 7/1/2014. Presentation slides [PDF].
  9. Sci-Tech campus access day 30/10/2014.

Rob Allan 2022-11-17