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Chamois in Portugal This lady has only ever owned one Imp!

Birthday Girl - Andy Jones' Singer Chamois coupe in the rain at Tatton Park, August 2013.Birthday Girl

My Garage A hard day's work at Bob's garage.

Malcolm Reid's Imp, now in the USA, and taken by him regularly to shows. Malcolm Reid's Imp

The HOF Mark Williamson's project will be ready for May 2013.

First outing for Andrew Finlayson's Imp at All British Car Day in Ottawa, Ontario Canada on 21/7/2012. There were about 200 cars there but just one Imp. Andrew Finlayson's Imp

Andrew Bain's Shipment Andrew Bain recently shipped his Imp from South Africa to native Scotland. We look forward to more of this story in Impressions.

Jean McBride's Singer Chamois pictured in front of the Muriel's Munchies in Capetown. Chamois Muriel's Munchies

Chamois at HBYC Jean McBride's Singer Chamois pictured in front of the Hout Bay Yacht Club in Capetown, April 2011. Hub caps are missing because its just come out of Roy's workshop.

Michael Bratby's Rawlson-Davrian-Shrigley preparing to test at Oulton Park, 12/2/2011. Rawlson

Kitty Its dark up North! New improved Kitty prepares for the North West Stages 2011. (photo from Ron Aspinwall).

Lineup of Imps in the paddock at Silverstone on 28/3/2010. Silverstonelineup

Imp in snow My Imp HJL862F in the snow which hit the North West in 6th January 2010.

Dave Cull and Daughter face practical problems on the Tour of Cheshire 2009. Dave Cull

Vokes Mike and Matthew Vokes going well at Croft. (Photo copyright Simon Harrison 2009.)

Gooseberry at the Oulton Park Gold Cup 2008. Gooseberry

2007 Alan Kitson and the team on the Keith Wood stages at Three Sisters 7/10/07. He won his class.

Camping with Imps, North Wales, 1968. This is Roy McBride's Stiletto before he emigrated to S.A. Camping 1968

Kitty Alan Kitson and Ron Aspinwall on the Keith Wood stages at Three Sisters recently. For more photos of this event and Alan's Chamois go to David Stansfield's Web site.

Summer is coming - actually, Eric Wells' Imp, autumn in South Africa. Fantastic shot! Imp
in SA

HJL862F in snow "Its cold up North!" Here is a picture of my Californian in the snow on morning of March 4th 2006.

Photo of 2005 - Druma the dog assesses damage on Janet McBride's Imp. Local member? Well they're in South Africa, but Roy McBride is originally from Liverpool so is a regular correspondent. I am pleased to say Imp is now fully repaired and no dogs were harmed in the making of this Web site. Druma the

Bryn in Imp Jeff Smith's race car at Donington Park 11/4/2004 with Bryn at the controls.

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