2003 is the 40th Anniversary of Imp production.
The first Imp was sold in May 1963 (this is not it).

Thank you to everyone who attended IMP40 and helped to make the event a huge success. We are really grateful to you all and especially to our sponsors, the Liverpool City Council (Martin and Eddy) and members and committee of the Wirral Club.

Proceeds of the event have now been handed over to the charities sponsored by our hosts, the Wirral Club. These are Claire House Hospice and NCH. See the photos here.

Note: this site was prepared to advertise the event over the months prior to our arrival at Thornton Hough. We have updated some pages to include photos and results of the weekend activities.

Imp'40 was a big international event held over about five days. We hoped to see all Imp Club members and everyone else who is interested in Imps. There were 345 registrations!

In mid 2002 we (stupidly?) volunteered to host the 2003 National in the North West of England. After a lot of searching and assessment of several attractive sites we reached an agreement with the Wirral RFC to hold the main event and camping on "Ocean Field", part of the Leverhulme Estate near to Thornton Hough village. This is a very beautiful area and we hope you will enjoy it!

If however for any reason you can't attend, take a look at for images of the area from Simon Jones and see what you will be missing. You'll need Quicktime to view them as movies.

Date of Event.

31st July 2003 - 4th August 2003.

As usual this international event will take place on the first weekend in August, that is from thursday lunchtime 31/7/2003 until mid monday 4/8/2003. Congratulations! Liverpool has been named European City of Culture for 2008. There are many other places to stay nearby and visitors are encouraged to remain longer if they wish to explore the area more fully.

The Photos.

Here are a few static photos of the event. We will be preparing a video of IMP40 including previous Imp Nationals for sale via Imp Club Regalia.

Before the Event.

During the Event.

Llangollen Trip.

Chavasse Park.

Liverpool Cavalcade.

After the Event.

Handing over the proceeds to chosen charities.

Go Ron, go!

The Winners

Click here to see the list of winners.

What you said after the Event.

Click here to see some messages from members who attended IMP40.

The End!

Cast in order of appearance included:

Rod as "Mr. President"
Dave van D as "Farmer Palmer"
Rose as "Perfect Service"
Ron Aspinwall as "The Gaffer"
Bob Allan as "Ned"
Lorraine Aspinwall as "Possibly the Only Responsible Person on Site"
Dermot Murray as "The Laughing Policeman"
Gus as "Himself"
Bob Hawes as "Luke Skywalker"
Martin Jones as "Mr. Memory"
Tony Shilladay (aka Wallace) as "The Chauffeur"
Andy Shilladay (aka Grommit) as "The Auctioneer"
The Molehill as "Emergency Car Jack"
The Clatter Brook IMPersonating "The Amazon Jungle"
Dave's tent as "Chateau Fairclough"
Rally HQ as "Camp David"
The Organisers as "The Fellowship"
The Allotment Imp as "The Muck Truck"
My Rawlson Stiletto as "Custard Bullet"

Best quotes of the weekend. Some of these were from the organisers sitting outside Chateau Fairclough on sunday evening, so may seem a little zany to those not in "The Fellowship"...

RAC man - "Cor Blimey"
Dave van D - "You keep orf muy graaas!!!"
Rob Machin - "I got here before the organisers"
Local waitress receiving quests at an empty restaurant on thursday night - "I think I can fit you in over there."
Dermot arrived, following the Imps into the Liverpool docks car park. The attendant said "Are you with all those Imps?"
Imp Club member at reception - "What colour are the T shirts?". Reply - "Black, black or black!"
Rose - "Is anybody waiting to be served?" (bar was 6 deep at the time)
Lead Singer - "Jimmy, that was crap!" (after Jimmy's exhausting 5-minute drum solo)
Dave - "Its like being in a TB ward" (after listening to Jimmy and the band on sunday morning)
"Don't talk!" (all to anyone, including Rosemary, during vote counting)
Dermot, laughing hysterically - "We've spent more on tissues than booze"
Bob or Ron (can't remember who) - "Can you make him laugh?"
Dermot, still laughing - "I've lit 6 cigs and not smoked one yet"

More Information.

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