Thanks to the Scientific Computing Department at STFC for allowing us time to do this work and providing funding to house and maintain our collection and make it available for visitors to see. Our work is now part of the Public Engagement work of SCD.

We acknowledge input from various sources, most of which are cited in the text. The various reports from the Atlas Computing Laboratory and Daresbury and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories have been particularly useful, some of which are available from the Chilton Computing Web site. Daresbury Library staff Debbie Franks and Mark Swaisland have sought out a lot of material from their archives for us to complete the picture.

We thank Mike Wilson, Linda Gilbert, Sue Mitchell and Stephen Kill of RAL, Stuart Eyres and Laura Roe of Daresbury for access to additional historical material and Pat Ridley of Daresbury for proof reading and advice. We particularly thank Vic Pucknell, Mark Hancock, Pete James, Bill Smith, Linda Enderby, Mike Miller and Chris Dean and others of DL for loan of exhibits or recounting their experiences. Thanks to Trevor Daniels and Stephen Hill for explaining some of the archive photos and adding people's names.

We thank Bill Purvis for his friendship and collaboration in the past allowing us access to the Manchester Mark I which is now housed at MOSI, the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

We thank Prof. Jim Austin (York) for his interest and for sharing information about his Computer Museum.

We thank Mike Bennett, Phil Aikman and others who have shown an interest in this work and donated exhibits.

Thanks to Stephen Hill for information about CAMAC, data collection and control systmems.

Thanks to Karl Richardson who worked with us in 2013-14 to help organise and catalogue our collection.

Thanks for Jean de la Taille for contributions on the early Cray computer series.

Thanks to Anna Jones and her students at for contributions and links.

Rob Allan 2022-11-17