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Rootes Heritage, Unit 15 Apollo Office Park
Ironstone Lane, Wroxton, Banbury, Oxon OX15 6AY

Rootes Heritage

Rootes Archive Centre - Calendar.

2018 Calendar of Events.

As in previous years, we here list the full calendar of meetings and other events booked at the Archive Centre. Please ensure that you check before making a new booking for Rootes Heritage for your Club event because space is limited. The person to contact is Gordon Jarvis, by phone on 01491 201551.

For events, such as Open Days and Cataloguing Days organised by the Trust, please contact Matt Ollman (e-mail) on 01869 331552. Further events will be added throughout the year.

We note other externally organised events where there is a Trust presence with the small logo .

We have also kept the calendars from some previous years here as a record of what has been happening.

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2018 Centre and Events Calendar

  • STOC Committee Meeting - 28th January
  • The Transport Trust - visit to Rootes Heritage, 29th Jan

  • ASCO Committee Meeting - 10th February
  • SAOC Committee Meeting - 24th February

  • Brian Rainbow and Friends - visit to Rootes Heritage, 14th March
  • Classic Car and Restoration Show, with Discovery - NEC, Birmingham 23-25th March. We will be on stand 5-700.
  • ARCC Meeting - 11th March
  • Trustees Meeting - 11th March from 2pm

  • Post Vintage Humber Car Club Meeting - 8th April
  • Practical Classics 1000 mile Run - visiting 21st April
  • Official Grand Opening - Opening of Rootes Heritage, Apollo Park, Wroxton, sunday 22nd April. Invitation Only!
  • Sunbeam Alpine Owners' Club meeting - 28th April
  • Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register meeting - 29th April

  • Open Day and Cataloguing - 6th May
  • European Sunbeams - visit to Rootes Heritage, saturday 12th May
  • Imp Club Meeting - 13th May
  • Old Rooters - visit to Rootes Heritage, saturday 19th May
  • ARCC Meeting - 20th May

  • ASCO Committee Meeting - 2nd June
  • Open Day and Cataloguing - 3rd June

  • Open Day and Cataloguing - 1st July

  • Open Day and Cataloguing - 5th August

  • Open Day and Cataloguing - 2nd September
  • ARCC Meeting - 16th September

  • ASCO Committee Meeting - 6th October
  • Open Day and Cataloguing - 7th October
  • STOC AGM - 14th October
  • Sunbeam Alpine Owners' Club meeting - 27th October

  • Open Day and Cataloguing - 4th November
  • Classic Car Show - NEC, Birmingham, 9-11th November
  • Imp Club Committe - 18th November

  • ARCC Meeting - 2nd December

"Preserving the past for the future."
Rootes Heritage, Unit 15 Apollo Office Park, Ironstone Lane, Wroxton, Banbury, Oxon OX15 6AY, UK

The Rootes Archive Centre is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales number 1108882.
Patrons: Lord Rootes, T.D. Rootes, W.B. Rootes.

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