The Egerton Arms

The Egerton Arms
Knutsford Road,
nr. Macclesfield,
Cheshire SK11 9BB
Tel: 01625 861366

The Egerton Arms is a traditional family run country pub in Chelford, serving real ales and quality meals. There are low beams, big fireplaces, bizarre antiques and a long bar with old brass pumps. As well as being a popular haunt for the regular locals, the pub also features a fully equipped hundred seater restaurant with friendly table service which attracts people from far afield. All food is sourced locally by our experienced and very dedicated chef. The menu is a selection of classic pub favourites alongside the chef's more "interesting" specials board.

The pub was taken over in late 2006 by Jeremy Hague and Anne Lefeuvre. They are a young vibrant couple who have 30 years experience in the restaurant trade between them. Alongside perfecting the running of this pub, they have spent one long year re-building and repairing it back to its original working state. It is now a pub truly worthy of its name and heritage - a stylish and traditional restaurant pub boasting original interior pieces and a charming beer garden which makes it the perfect place for a cold beer on a hot summer's day. Come and enjoy a memorable meal out with the family next time you're in the area. You will be given a very warm welcome.

The pub itself dates back to the 16th century when as a coach house and pub, gentry and royals would freshen up before their formal visit to Lord Egerton's estate at Tatton Park, just a few miles away. Meanwhile the horse groomers and staff would stay here at the pub and live it up whilst the boss is away. It was sold off in the late 1890's by the Egerton family to a private buyer who urgently needed to replace the old candle and gas lamps with electricity and thus he took down the fifteen or so black chandeliers. On doing so he found that they were made of solid gold, which made him an overnight millionaire so he sold the pub on to a brewery.

The Imp Club meets here on the 1st wednesday of each month at 8pm. For information about Cheshire Imp Club Area and local shows (temporary) contact:
Bob Allan
Shadewood Farm,
283 Chester Road,
Warrington WA4 2QE
Tel: 01925 267084

According to the best known legend in Cheshire, the wilds of Alderley were one of the haunts of Merlin the Magician, known locally as the Wizard of the Edge. Merlin's Well (or spring) runs down a rocky outcrop in the woods to be collected in a small stone trough.

Drink of this and take thy fill
For the water falls by the Wizard's will.

is inscribed on the rock-face above, along with a three dimensional carving of Merlin's Head.

King Arthur and his Knights are believed to sleep in a nearby cave. A fact reported by a local farmer from Mobberley in the late 17th century. On his way to sell a fine white mare at Macclesfield Fair, the farmer had encountered a cloaked old man on the Edge who offered to buy his horse. Preferring to get a good deal in the town, the farmer declined. At which the old man declared that the vendor would not sell his horse at the fair and the two would complete their deal on his return. The farmer proceeded on his way and, to his surprise, found that the old man's prediction came true. Bumping into his mysterious friend once more, he was encouraged to follow him to a shear rock-face. Here the stranger tapped three times to open a magical door to a mysterious cave. Within, the farmer saw the mighty King Arthur and all his Knights of the Round Table sleeping peacefully, ready to rise again as the Wizard Merlin now explained, When:

Thrice England shall be lost, thrice won,
Twixt dawn of day and setting sun.
Then dabbled wings shall ravens toss
Croaking o'er bloodstained Headless Cross.

But the slumbering Royal Stable was one horse short. Hence the old wizard's need for the farmer's fine mare. The farmer was given gold and jewels from the from that piled high around the cave. He returned home a happy man, but was never after able to find the cave or see the old man again.

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