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Members' Cars - pre-2008.

In this page we give examples of cars owned by local members. Some people have chosen not to show their cars on this page, but you can nevertheless talk to them at local meetings and shows. Thanks go to Ron Aspinwall, Barry Palmer and Andy Elias for some of the digital images.

We also include a page of cars for sale locally. This may not always be up to date, so please be patient!

Well I suppose I'd better start things off! Here is a picture of my Killeen K18 Mirage at Tatton Park show 31st May 2003.

In 2001 I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the Fraser Le Mans GT Prototype (Killeen K9). For more information see K9 diary.


This is how it looked just after Robin Human had found it in a garage in Deal, Kent, and brought it to the National 1998 in St. Andrews. It still looks the same now, and will be a long-term restoration!

Vince Frost and Mark Maynard closely contesting space on the Isle of Anglesey circuit.
Simon Hulse's runabout come racer.
JDJ 148M on my back yard.
Next couple of photos show James Evans' new race car and Jeff Smith's, Donington Park 11/4/2004.
The latter has Bryn at the controls. --->
My Rawlson Stiletto. Originally driven by Nick Creswell. Anyone remember it? Now with Andy Heaton, well it was briefly until he chose to sell it off in parts on e-Bay, what a !!!&^*&£.
Barry Palmer's Imp (previously Eric Higham's) captured by Andy Elias. Next to it is Tracey Jones' Imp estate, a well known car built by Frank Dyde who owned it until early 2003.
Widely-travelled steed of Bob Hawes and before that Alan Platten.
Bob's new Imp, there's been a lot of car swopping in June 2003. I've got Andy "Turbo" Jones' old Audi 200 Avant turbo quattro (aka "Jalopey") too...
... and Craig "Ping" Davies' Imp, previously company car of Phil Hayward, Bailcast Ltd. Now with Andy Elias.
Here I am in HJL 862F at the 3 Sisters Track day, 17th August 2002. Just my everyday Californian, but it does have a Chesman 998 in the back.
This is Alan Kitson's new Chamois waiting for scrutineering at Donington Park 13/4/03. Ron and Alan are justly proud of it and it performed flawlessly coming second of the Imps in the HSCC race. (The red tape however had to be removed and replaced with black.)
Pictured in the gravel trap outside the "New Shed", this is Poppy, Ron Aspinwall's runabout come plaything. However, at Ron's anything is for sale at the right price (or maybe not?)...
The "Old Shed", view of Ron's workshop during its "white period" 2002 (pinched from his Web site).
Martin Bramwell's newly prepared car at Donington Park 13/4/03 also went well
<--- Andy "Turbo" Jones's HSCC circuit racing car aka "Gooseberry" at Donington Park
Jimmy's immaculate Commer Imp van
Keith DeRycke's superb 930cc Imp restored in 2002. He used it at Loton hillclimb as well as on the road. This was 3 Sisters again, and Ron was going for it... Even bigger Chesman 998 of course. (Car now sold.)
Peter Arnold just before his clutch exploded - guess where?
Vince Frost's sprint car --->
<--- Vince Frost's race car

Martyn Jones' Turbo-charged Davrian. He's been living in Germany, but we still think of him as "one of the gang".
Finally, this one was for sale until recently but is now owned by Stephanie McCann. It previously belonged to Jimmy Crampton and was before that owned by one of John Moreton's sons, so its been in the area and seen at local shows many times over the last few years.

... Can't get a picture of Barry's Husky, 'cos we can't persuade him to stay still long enough. Err, well he's now sold it, bought Eric's Imp, sold that to Andy Elias, bought Peter's Clan, sold that and bought the Imp back. Keep watching this page for more thrilling installments...
... Oh and I got the Rawlson Stiletto "Custard Bullet" back in 2003 from Clive Bower, see pictures above.
There are lots more pictures of Imps on Ron Aspinwall's Imp Speed Web site too.

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