BS Nymph Register

A Hillman Imp based kit car from Bohanna Stables.

The Register

11 Nymphs of the 42 sold were known to The Imp Club (register started in 1994).

Where are they now? We are currently updating The Imp Club Nymph Register. If you have information to add, please tell us. Contact Bob Allan "spares at"

Colours: White, Pirate red, Golden Yellow, Light Bronze Green, Goldon Brown and Anchusa Blue.

Note: the registration nos. usually come from the Imp used for parts so bear no relevance to the date of the Nymph.

chassis noreg. nodate builtlast seencomments
01514 NPO-R.Stables, Cornwallgreen prototype, no longer on DVLA
02DDL 384C-R.Stables, Cornwallyellow prototype no longer on DVLA
---R.Sables, Cornwall; Londonhard top, yellow
08not registered-Newburygreen
-AHJ 118C-Leicesterblue, not on DVLA, now URE 783C
-URE 783C-CrawleyApr'65 BS, blue, invoice no.29, Hot Car featured 1976
-LEC 549-Ambleside; High Wycombered, now CY-269-FZ
-FKV 912D-WarwickMar'66 BS, blue
-PPF 997E-CrawleyFeb'67 BS, brown
-KVG 665A-Buckingham; Gloucestergreen (was blue?)
-CSF 156B-EdinburghAug'2005 BS, white
-PWK 680R-Nuneaton; CornwallAug'76 Hillman, orange
---Castleford; e-Bay 2010red, needs resto
-LKM 399B--white, not on DVLA
-EVR 151D-MorecambeMar'66 Chamois, blue
-not registered-Bury St.Edmondswhite, invoice no.60
----un-built shell
-347 UUR--Nov'63, orange, now J201163
-J201163-Jerseyorange, restored
-AKM 399B--Nov'64 Chamois, white
-WSC 680R--Mar'1977, yellow
-unknownunknownunknownred, bought in pieces, Nov'2023

A few years ago, the full set of Nymph moulds was donated to The Imp Club by Robin Stables of Bohanna Stables. The club is trying to find a member who would be willing to store these moulds on a longer term basis (preferably in the Midlands area).