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Caledonian Register

A rare and late special edition Imp model.

Only around 2,000 examples of the Caledonian were produced from late 1975to early 1976. We have information about just a few of them which still exist. The chassis number begins with R1CBA6L and the paint colour is Cherry Red (code PRP).

Special Features:
Cherry red paint, code PRP
double white stick on site stripes
"tartan" red and white cloth covered reclining seats
5 button Chrysler radio
front and rear bumper over-riders
door mirrors (made in France), but some others occasionally fitted by dealers.

Other features are same as the deLuxe, but see notes below.

Here is the register. We cannot give any personal information, but if you have questions or know about any of the cars listed or any car which is not listed please send e-Mail to me, Bob Allan, spares at theimpclub.co.uk.

Here is the Register.

Click here to see the register and links to more photos.

More Information

It is said that there are two types of Caledonian: The way to see the difference is to remove the top layer of paint in a small area. The first type were not Caledonians at the start, but were normal cars supplied to dealers in late 1975. However the dealers were not satisfied with the paint finish on this batch and promptly returned them to the factory where Chrysler had the brilliant (Impish?) idea of turning them into a limited edition (of badly painted Imps). They were re-sprayed red and fitted with the new seats and other goodies. Later a second batch of cars was produced which were genuinely painted red from the start as a last ditch attempt to boost sales. But is this true?

The tale of the Super Trim: This may also explain why some of the early ones have Super trim and others deLuxe trim. The Supers had holes in the doors to take the door capping and after being re-sprayed this had to be re-fitted. All the later cars had the cheaper deLuxe trim with just plain black millboard on the doors.

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