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Hi, I'm Bob Allan. I've been a member of the Imp Club since 1985 and have organised the Warrington Area Centre, together with some of my friends, since 1986. This Web site is put together to advertise what we do in the North West of England. It's a joint effort with Area Centres in Cheshire, North Wales, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Derby, Lancashire, Staffordshire and previously Fylde, so we call it the "Mercia Area".

I've been working with Imps for over 45 years!
Imp National 2024

This is the updated site for 2024. If you have relevant Imp related material for this site please send it to me via spares@theimpclub.co.uk.
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What about the Mercia Horde? Are there more Imps buried out there?

Photo of the Month:

Not a photo, but we are advertising Imp National 2024 which is being organised by the Mercia Area.

Previously featured photos can be found here.

Send in your Imp related photo for this slot...

New New on this site from 2009 onwards:
Updated "members' cars" pages.
BS Nymph Register.
News of recent activites, updated list of shows for 2022, cars and racing pages, photos, new spares list, K9 diary. Some of this will follow as details are currently still uncertain.

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What's going on in the Mercia Area?

Where do we meet?

  • Shows and Events (including photographs)
  • Let me know if there are any shows not yet listed here.

  • Racing and other fun pursuits (including photographs)...
  • Also any speed events?

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    Jimmy's Van The 40th Anniversary - IMP'40

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