W.P. Hattersley and Co. (1856-83)

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William P. Hattersley (b.1838-d.c.1881) was the son of William Hattersley of London who was a Seraphine maker, see Chapter 3. He worked as a piano and harmonium factor at 10-14 Bow Street, Sheffield until 1883. A note from 1874 (below) states that they had a manufactury called Orange Works in Orange Street, Sheffield.

There is a bit more information in the 1871 census where the family were registered at 66 Montgomery Road, Nether Hallam, just outside Sheffield. William is listed as ``File Managr & Harmonium Manfct''. He was married to Emily Hyde on 10/7/1862. They had children Annie (b.1864), Charles Wm. (b.1866), Maude E. (b.1868), William Hyde (b.1869), Clara (b.1871). They had a domestic servant named Mary Farrell. There are no results in the 1861 or 1881 census for Sheffield.

Hattersley's advertised variously as follows in 1872.

             The King of all Reed Instruments yet invented.
W. Hattersley and Co's Celebrated Improved HARMONIUMS, for quality of
touch, workmanship, improved action, etc., stand unequalled. These
charming instruments have been compared side by side with the American
organs, and pronounced superior at half the price.
                     DRAWING ROOM MODEL.
Full Organ Tone, with knee swell to Treble and Bass, all stops
               9 Stops, Walnut case, 17 guineas.
              12 Stops, Burr Walnut case, 22 guineas.
              13 " " "                    26 " 
             Lists of prices and testimonials free.
        W. Hattersley and Co., 10 and 12, Bow-street, Sheffield

And also:

the profession to be the nearest approach in tone to the organ of any
hitherto invented. This improvement produces a rich, full organ-like
quality of tone, entirely free from all harsh or reedy sound, and by
the careful voicing of the reedds, the articulation is fully equal in
rapidity to the pianoforte. These instruments are manufactured by us
for private sales only, and of the best materials and
workmanship. W. Hattersley and Co, Harmonium Manufacturers, 10 and 12,
Bow-street, Sheffield (late 95 and 107, Meadow-street). 
                Lists of prices and testimonials free.

In 1874 in The Musical Times of 1st June it was as follows:

                    HARMONIUMS ! HARMONIUMS
                        MANUFACTURED ONLY BY
        W.HATTERSLEY and Co., 10 and 12, Bow-Street, Sheffield.

These Instruments are superior to all other Makers, English or Foreign.

Every Instrument voiced and thoroughly ttested before leaving the
establishment of Mr. Wm. Hattersley.

These Instruments are manufactured from the very best, well seasoned
Materials, in double veneered cases, and upon improved princuples, and
contain all the latest improvements invented by W. Hattersley, and
although the cost of their construction is thereby considerably
increased, the fact of their being manufactured for their own retail
sale only (and not for the trade), enables them to sell their
Harmoniums at the same price as the oridinary and much inferior
Harmoniums sold be other music dealers.

Books of Designs and above 200 testimonials free by post or upon

Special attention is called to the DRAWING ROOM MODELS, as being the
most perfect Harmonoiums ever manufactured, having a full Organ Tone.

W. Hattersley and Co., Harmonium Manufacturers, 10 and 12 Bow-Street,
Sheffield. Manufactury, Orange Works, Orange-Street.

Estimates and Specifications furnished for Concert Rooms, Churches,
Schoool Rooms &c.

London Gazette, 22/9/1882: In the County Court of Yorkshire, holden at Sheffield. In the Matter of Proceedings for Liquidation by Arrangement or Composition with Creditors, instituted Joseph Walker Maudson of Bow Street and Rockingham Street, both in Sheffield, in the county of York, and of Beetwell Street, Chesterfield, in the county of Derby, Harmonium Manufacturer and Dealer in Pianofortes, trading as W. Hattersley and Co., and formerly in co-partnership with one William Hattersley (since deceased), and trading with him at the above addresses under the same style. Notice is hereby given, that a First General Meeting of the creditors of the above named person has been summoned to be held at the offices of Messrs. Cook, Collins, and Sayer, Solicitors, 21, Duke Street, Manchester Square, London, in the county of Middlesex, on the 3rd day of October, 1882, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely. Dated this 16th day of September, 1882. G.J. Mellor, 83, Queen Street, Sheffield, Solicitor for the Debtor.

One instrument of his was advertised with around 100 other reed organs for sale on e-Bay, July 2006. This was the collection of the owner of Morrison's Woodwork and Antiques, USA who was retiring. It was described as W. Hattersley and Co.'s, Sheffield England, Improved Harmonium. c. 1880. number 26840.

I don't know if its the same one (but I suspect it is), an instrument with serial no.599 appeared again on e-Bay in Nov'2006. It was in Utah and described as having a walnut case of dimensions 36 1/4'' x42-1/2'' x17 1/4'' and said to have an estimated (antique) value of $ 5200. Its certainly a nice looking example but I am not convinced of the valuation in today's market. It is dated at 1894.

hattersley_1m.jpg More Pictures

St. Oswald's, Thornton Stewart, N. Yorks.

This harmonium by Hattersley is featured on Dave Webster's Flickr stream, see http://www.flickr.com/photos/davewebster14/5086474577/in/pool-619073@N25/.

It has a very similar case detail but a larger number of stops. Its slightly hard to read all the names from the photo as some are covered with tape, but a not very educated guess would suggest the following. Forte, ??, Double Diapason D, ??, Grand Jeu G, Expression E, ??, ??, Basson, Hautboy, Diapason, Voix Celeste C, Clarinette 2, Forte F.

Judging from the wear on the keys and the fact that some fronts have been replaced, I would guess that they are ivory. Its nice to see an instrument which appears to be still in use in its original location. Any more information about this or similar ones would be appreciated.

1M e-Bay *1764

This is a 2:3 rank harmonium, stops: Forte, Sourdine, Bourdon, Cor Anglais, Expression, Flute, Clarinette, Voix Celeste, Tremolo, Forte.


2M e-Bay *6255

A 2M harmonium in burr walnut with 18 stops and 2 knee swells. This is characteristic of larger English instruments as it has a wind indicator marked ``Soft-Increase-Loud'' similar to that found on Stevens harmoniums. It was for sale by ``Mary Mc'' on behalf of a church in Bury St. Edmunds. I had some correspondence and Mary told me the specification O Forte, 3 Clarion, D Dulciana, S Sourdine, 2 Bourdon, 2 Voix Humaine, 1 Cor Anglais, C Coupler, O Grandjeu, E Expression, C Coupler, O Forte, 1 Flute, 2 Clarinette, C Voix Celeste, T Tremolo, D Dulciana, 3 Fifre. Note that some of the stop labels had come adrift so may be in the wrong order.


Dimensions: w 2'6'' xl 4' xh 3'5''.

Rob Allan